Tree silhouettes – their impact in your landscape design

Design School

While I’m certainly ready for my surroundings to turn green again, I’m also grateful for beautiful springtime days that highlight the outline and structure of the trees around me.

Form is a powerful element of design.  The shapes we’re surrounded by can affect the mood and feel of a space.  Landscape trees come in a variety of shapes, or habits: rounded or ovate trees are welcoming and gentle, columnar forms are formal and strong, and weeping shapes are quiet and contemplative.  Look at how this bald cypress stands at attention at the end of a walkway:

The upright, pyramidal form of the bald cypress is powerful and energetic – it adds that energy to the landscape around it.

This burr oak is gnarly and rough, but its reaching, open habit softens that rugged exterior and makes this giant more welcoming.

Take the time this spring to admire and consider the shapes of the trees on your property!  See how their habit contributes to the feel of your space – you might want to add some new dimension this season with other forms.


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