In the Studio | Prairie-inspired landscape design

In the studio

This lovely brick home was newly built in Ankeny and the owners were desperate to get some landscaping to soften it.  We worked with them on a landscape design that was inspired by prairie plantings –  and just wild enough to give a nod to their roots – while still able to stand up to all the strong lines and hard surfaces around the home.  We combined a few ornamental trees, many different flowering and evergreen shrubs, grasses, and perennials to give them year-round color and interest.

It will be a few seasons before this project comes into its own – the trees will fill out, the shrubs will form sweeps of color, and the perennials will grow in nicely.  Can’t wait to see this through the years!

Want to try out your own little wild and wonderful garden area?

These “just after” photos give you an idea of what things look like right after planting. It won’t be long before this fills right in!