The Red Fern Landscape Design Process: Phase 4

Working with us

In the final phase of our signature design process, we get to the stuff that you can touch, keep, and see. After all the preliminary background work, and all the conceptual design, and the final design work is finished, it’s time to get our clients some lovely and useful materials that they can use to install the designs and to serve as reference materials for years to come.

First up is the design book.  Once the design work has all been done, and we’re all satisfied, we package the design into an 11×17-sized book that will easily fit in a drawer or on a shelf.  Rather than some rolled-up sheets that you’ll never open, this will serve as a reference in the future. This book contains the story of your design. Always a teacher, I have found there is so much value in including all the steps it took us to get to your final designs. We show the entire process – the base plan, our conceptual drawings and inspiration boards, and the final, annotated design.  This way all our decisions are there, so that if any changes are made in the future, you can check back to see why the landscaping looks the way it does.

We also add more detail, like views of the final landscape from a variety of vantage points so that you and your contractor can visualize what the final installed design will look like. There are hardscape sheets with materials specified, and plant lists with each plant and its spacing noted.

The beauty of having all these supporting sheets along with the master plan, planting plan, and hardscape sheets is that you can communicate WHY we did what we did. Many landscapers don’t do all the background work that it takes to produce an informed design, and fewer still actually communicate what decisions led to the final design. You have a visual story of your investment that will serve you for the future.

The other book you’ll get is an 8.5×11-sized reference book that’s chock full of information. We include a bloom chart for the entire year so you know what’s blooming or has interesting foliage at any season, a data sheet for every single plant in your design, plant lists with every plant listed out so it’s easy to do an inventory, maintenance information with a plan for the entire year, and installation guides for trees and shrubs, since these are your biggest plant investment and are often planted poorly. You can use this to communicate with the installer and make sure things are done correctly.

Lastly, our final design phase includes my involvement in the installation process. Depending on the project, this could be a multi-year commitment. I work with professional, licensed contractors that value education and service. I serve as a liaison for you with your contractor. as you go through the process of instilling the landscape.

This includes me being present and/or available on install days, so that the contractor can follow up with any questions or concerns. We will be checking in on installation if it goes on over a few days or weeks, and know where the project stands.  With all the hard work put into the design, I want to be certain that it’s installed correctly and you get what we dreamed up.

Our final phase is the culmination of a lot of hard work and communication.  Design is basically creative problem-solving, and I love the entire process from start to finish.  We take on a range of projects throughout the year, and this method ensures that our clients are taken care of all the way.


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