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Fine Gardening is our maintenance service, where we come to your property and make sure your gardens look gorgeous. It’s how you get good-looking planting beds while you’re at work or at home. This service is for our busy clients who don’t have the time to dedicate to their garden maintenance. Sure, we design low-maintenance gardens, but there’s no such thing as NO-MAINTENANCE gardens!  Every space needs work to keep from looking overgrown, out of control, or abandoned. When you’ve invested in your landscaping, you’ve set your home apart and elevated your entire neighborhood. It’s important to maintain that investment. We can help when you don’t have the time OR don’t know what to do!


We offer Fine Gardening because we care about how your gardens look over time! So many people really don’t  know how to care for plants. Tina has more than 20 years’ experience in the landscaping industry, and a Master’s degree in Horticulture to back it all up. There’s no guesswork for us when we tackle your garden spaces. We know what to do and when to do it. Many of our clients don’t feel the same- they maybe don’t want to spend their weekends working on the gardens, or they don’t want to learn what to do.  But many other clients love the idea of gardening and need some help to get confident. Fine Gardening serves any of those clients with expert work and guidance. We want your investment to stand the test of time, and Fine Gardening is the solution.

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Every garden space is different. We will tailor our work to exactly what’s needed in your garden beds for each season. Here’s some of the work that we love to do:

  • fall clean-up- we know which perennials to cut back and when to do it & which ones to leave up! We know what to do with all those leaves. We’ll get your yard ready for winter.
  • spring prep- opening up the gardens for spring and cutting back what was left through the winter takes careful attention. We know how to welcome springtime!
  • pruning shrubs- this is an art, y’all. Most of the time they’re cut incorrectly. We’ll get it right.
  • planting- we will evaluate your garden spaces and suggest plants to fill it out completely.  This might mean adding spring bulbs to extend your color, replacing a shrub that has seen better days, or working in perennials or ground cover at the base of a tree. We know the plants to choose and how to plant them successfully.
  • adding mulch- so many yards have poorly applied mulch for one reason or another. Too much, too little, the wrong kind… it can be confusing and frustrating. We know what to buy, how to apply it, and when to refresh.

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This service is flexible and built for you to get exactly what YOU need. Basically we show up and get the work done so that you don’t have to.

  1. We will set up an appointment to meet together and walk the areas of the property that you need maintained. We’ll talk through anything we see that needs attention: cutting back perennials, pruning up a shrub, adding mulch, and things like that.
  2. We’ll schedule the work to be done at the right time of year, and communicate with you about our work timing.
  3. We come and get things done!  Our teams are always supervised by our owner, Tina. While she needs help getting the work accomplished, she’s always on site to ensure that expert, experience attention is given to your yard.
  4. You sit back and enjoy. Your yard looks great and you get your free time back!

We would LOVE to serve you with Fine Gardening. We believe that every yard can have gorgeous outdoor spaces, and we know what’s needed to get them looking good.



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