Red fern landscape design containers

What makes it work- “Nina” container style


We had so much fun creating our 4 distinct container styles. No, the quiz is not a super-scientific categorization tool. But it is a great platform to compare and identify what types of container plantings you like.

Wait a minute…

Have you taken the quiz yet? If not, click here to go have some fun! Find out which of our girls best fits your style and then come back and read more. We can’t wait to find out who you are!

So what makes Nina’s style work?

What makes the Nina container work? It’s a bold, eye-catching combination. Nina will always boast a strong shape and clean lines. She’s not afraid to be the center of attention, as long as she’s doing something new. Contemporary, stylish design drives Nina’s look. Her goal is to make you say, “wow”.

Nina’s style is sleek and contemporary. She’s striking, a bit glamorous, and pretty showy. She’s modern and unique.

Now hold on…

All our girls are unique, I should say. Every container is custom and we haven’t made the same one twice! BUT – the Nina is definitely our most modern and fresh approach to container design, and we love that about her.

What about the other styles?

We came up with four pretty distinct planter styles to help our clients communicate what their jam would be for their containers. Besides Nina, there’s Bianca, Laura, Gloria.

We’d love to work with you to create the perfect containers for your home or business, in every season!

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