People often ask what plants to combine in a garden – How does a person choose? Take this clematis as an example.  What blooms would work with this simple stunner? There are many factors that inform a decision about plant combinations.  One way to help the decision is to get to know the delicate intricacies […]

Clematis color cues

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In fashion, neutrals are those colors that will complement any outfit. They don’t necessarily stand out, but always looks great in any season, at any event. In gardening, green is our neutral – any palette’s background color. All the shades of green (and there are so many) surround us and evoke feelings of calm and […]

Color Cues: White and Green Combinations

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Colors like reds, golden yellows, and cheerful oranges dominate our fall gardens.  These warmer colors are synonymous with fall.  But as summer winds down, many of us aren’t ready to let go of the riot of summer color and give way to fall’s muted reds and golds. Cool colors are a counterpoint to the rusty […]

Cool Colors in the Fall Garden

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