Color Cues: White and Green Combinations

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 Title Page Green White Hosta bloom

 White buds

In fashion, neutrals are those colors that will complement any outfit. They don’t necessarily stand out, but always looks great in any season, at any event. In gardening, green is our neutral – any palette’s background color. All the shades of green (and there are so many) surround us and evoke feelings of calm and restraint. It’s the color of life and growth – hospital patients heal faster when they can see green plants!*  White is similar – it is restful, subtle and subdued. Every other bloom and foliage color look great with white. Alone, white can really dazzle. In twilight, white is a gift outdoors because it will reflect the fading light. When green and white are the star colors of a garden or container, they can really shine.

 Caladium + Sweet potato vine

 Green-white container mix 2

 Hosta white blooms

 Jasmine in flower

So think about the effect you want your landscape to have on you – is there a part of your yard where you’d like a more quiet, peaceful feeling? Maybe it’s a private contemplative courtyard for sitting in the beginning or the end of the day, or perhaps you need an elegant, tranquil welcome at your front entry after a long day’s work, or you’re looking for a goes-with-anything backdrop for a riotous perennial collection… Consider combining green and white, and enjoy the serenity.

 Yarrow field

*For more information on the responses humans have to plants, see the People-Plant Interaction Resource Center


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