I am fascinated with the way our surroundings impact our movements.  We take cues from architecture, color, pattern, materials, etc… and move accordingly. Long, narrow spaces cause us to move quickly.  Repeated patterns and high contrast signal to our brains that it’s time to pick up the pace.  Less contrast and open spaces encourage gathering […]

If these floors could speak: Design direction at the Charlotte Airport

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These simple ceramic garden orbs caught my eye at Earl May (of all places?!?) the other week. I loved their simple shape and deep vibrant colors. I can imagine one of these nestled into a soft groundcover planting – try artemisia or bearberry, or incorporated into a container display with similar pots. They were weather-resistant […]

Garden Ornament- Ceramic Spheres

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Looking for some container garden inspiration?  Check out these amazing containers! I love getting inspired by large corporate installations – they are so grand!  Our own home gardens might not require planters that tower overhead, but the punch and strength of these babies can be scaled to back patio size, at a fraction of the […]

Garden Container Inspiration – Go Big!


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I’ve noticed the landscaping outside an office building near me for a few months.  The strip of ornamental grasses between the parking area and the road has consistently looked amazing.  The “hellstrip” – that area that is baked in the sun and surrounded by asphalt – is a tough area for anything to grow.  These […]

Hellstrip Plantings- Great Grasses

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